Horn Valves and a Thought On Braces.


I thought people might be interested to see a set of valves before they go into a horn. It's an interesting feeling to look at them by themselves without the rest of the horn around it. 

I've decided that it is important to handcraft the braces between the slides and between the outer slide tubes. This gives me control over the width of the braces and makes sure that the valves go together with good alignment but without any forcing or filling with solder. Its difficult to buy stock braces that fit handmade instruments because each space that needs a brace is slightly different. I like to be flexible and fill the unique space with the exact size of brace that is needed. I also think it adds a nice personal touch to each instrument!

This particular valve section has brass braces on top of nickel silver slide tubes, but I am experimenting with other combinations.


January 23, 2009