New Bb Design Soon!

I'm working on a new (to me anyway) design for a single Bb horn. I'm told that Dennis Brain favored a Raoux piston horn with an added ascending thumb valve and I've decided to try this design out, using rotary valves. It's a tricky thing, making a short horn and still having a tuning slide, but I think that having a horn with an ascending 4th valve would really be a fun thing to play. No decision yet as to whether or not it should be reversible into a traditional Bb too.

Of course I have to say that it's for sale and you can play it at the Southeast horn workshop and buy it, but the artistry of the thing is what I'm enjoying right now. I'll post a picture of the drawing when its done and maybe some updates along the way.


February 17, 2009


I have discovered a way to have my new B-flat horn change back and forth from an ascending 4th valve to descending stopping valve. This isn't actually all that unusual except that my new design requires no restringing or turning rotors. The switch can be made between movements, even in the middle of long rests if the need is there. This means that you can have access to the easy notes of the ascending horn without sacrificing the ability to play stopped notes or use an F extension. Pictures are on the way!


February 22, 2009