Specifications and Options.

I build a Bb/F double horn in the Geyer configuration. I love this wrap because of it's visual elegance and the opportunity to use long solder joints on parallel branch tubes. If you want more on why I chose the Geyer design, you might enjoy this article. Many American Geyer style horns share the same specifications, but I'll list them here anyway:

  • .468 bore.
  • Meinlschmidt 25mm valve section (solid nickel silver usually, I love that look).
  • Bernd Sandner medium throat tail (no. 84 mandrel) and flare (number 2) detached.
  • Low nickel alloy (10%) slide tubes and trim.
  • Yellow brass (70/30) CDA260 branch and tapered tubing.

Mistaking Correlation for Causation

This barely begins to scratch the surface of what goes into a horn of mine, but players often find it useful to have a set of specs for comparison purposes. I always recommend caution however when comparing horns using specs, it's easy to mistake correlation for causation. If you attribute a characteristic that you don't like to a specification, rather than to a horn or a maker, you may overlook your perfect horn later which incorporates that specification more appropriately.

These are not specifications, but some common features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing turned brace work for all structural bracing.
  • Two Amado style water keys on lead pipe and long F branch.
  • Tight tolerance, precision parallel slides.
  • Leather hand guard over the bell cap from Leather Specialties Co.
  • Adjustable pinky and available flipper.

Build options and modifications

Since I am in control of so much of the final horn, most things are possible, I am happy to discuss custom options with every client. I want you to be as involved as you want to be.

Keep in mind, I am a professional artisan with my own voice to share. I know my horns very well and will only modify my builds to a certain extent. I build horns in a certain style which is why I encourage players to have in depth conversations with me to see if we are compatible. For example, I only build horns with detachable bells. I have enough experience to believe I can counteract any potential "weight sink" from the ring and I believe the benefit of travel ease and bell flare flexibility extends the horn's potential.

In my very early days, I believed that my value was in building a horn to a clients exact specifications. As I matured as a craftsman, I came to understand that in fact, this was an abdication of the responsibility for having good ideas and guiding players to horns and techniques they didn't even know they would love! I enjoy collaborating with players to perfectly fit my style with yours, but be prepared for me to challenge your understanding of horn construction and ask for a little bit of your trust and flexibility. I promise to have the same flexibility with creating a horn which fits your needs. Together we can do something special!


January 13, 2018

MusingsJacob Medlin