More Small Improvements for a Truly Custom Horn.

I've recently added two new options to increase the customization of my horns.

1. Adjustable tuning slides. When I build tuning slides, I can intentionally make them a little long. They look like they are pulled out about 3/4" but there is no gap in the bottom of the slide (post coming on "horn bulge"), giving the maximum consistency of airflow throughout the bore. If you need to make the horn sharper, just cut 1/4" off of the slide! With this extra step, you have absolute control over the pitch of the instrument without having to deal with large bore inconsistencies.

2. Unlimited brace styles. Since I handcraft every brace on the horn, from the tuning slide braces to the bell braces, I am able to offer braces in any style. I will be including a set of pics on the order form with the most common braces, but I am open to your own designs as well. You could have a horn with ultra-modern utilitarian bracing, or traditionally beautiful German bracing. The choice is yours!

Two more steps towards a truly custom horn!


May 26, 2009