Weekly Wrap-up 3: Clean Jointing and Dry Fit.


This was a crazy week this week! I hurt my neck playing adult rec league soccer. Lame right? It's amazing to me how much strength it takes to hold your head on your shoulders, I had to confine my workshop time to about an hour at a time and then sit down to give my neck a rest.

I worked a bit on horns for Becca and David this week, got the dogleg installed on one horn and both upper F branches are now in place.

I left off of the horns on Wednesday, I needed to work a bit on some new tooling to make the tuning slide crooks. I was planning to wait until after the horns were done to make this, but due to some unforeseen events (trashing one on the buffing wheel), I have need of some new crooks.

It never fails, every time I buff when I'm hungry, something bad happens...


May 27, 2016