What's In My Gig Bag?


1. Oils- My oils of choice are Hetman Light Rotor and Light B&L (Numbers 11 and 13), and Hetman Slide gel number 7.

2. Extra Mouthpiece- For emergencies. I like to keep my emergency mouthpiece in a different place than my regular one just in case something really bonkers happens. I mostly keep it in case I forget or lose a mouthpiece, although once I dropped one on the concrete sidewalk walking into a recording session. It took a big chip out of the rim and I was glad to have the backup.

3. Small tub of vaseline- In case I get a case of the lip willies. Other people have different favorite lip products, but I’ve found just plain vaseline to affect my chops the least.

4. Folded up paper towel- If I need to replace the slide gel on a slide, I find it’s best to wipe the old grease off first.

5. Flathead screwdriver- In case a screw comes loose or I need to change a string.

6. Extra string, pre cut and knotted- I’ve actually had to change a string in the middle of the pit during a show before. Having it already cut and knotted makes it easy to change quickly.

7. Extra pencil- Because I’m not responsible enough to keep up with just one.

8. Small bag with 2 or 3 replacement bumpers- I’ve never had to use these, but I keep them in there just in case I have an issue with a bumper. It’s easy enough to replace in a pinch if needed.

9. Allen wrenches- I have two different sized hex screws on my horn, 2mm and 2.5mm. I always check to make sure I have both allen wrenches in my bag.

10. Mini watchmaker hammer with plastic head- This is in my kit although it may not go in yours. I keep this in there in case I have an issue with a valve in the middle of a show, or if I’m out of town.

11. Mouthpiece brush- I never remember to clean my mouthpiece until it’s too late. Having a brush in my bag means I can clean out a really gross mouthpiece in the bathroom before a concert or a show if I need to. 

Why and Where?

 I keep this in a small shaving bag carribeenered to my horn case. I don’t store anything inside my case other than my horn. In my go bag, I try to have everything I need to:

-Do all the general pre service maintenance

-Replace a broken string or bumper on the fly

-Do very basic valve adjustments during intermissions

-Have backups of essential rehearsal/ concert items

I could go nuts and carry a full repair kit, but I don’t think that’s very practical for me or for anyone. Just carry what you need for the most common tasks and just roll with the universe if something exceedingly bonkers happens.


Released in January 2018 newsletter.