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If you've been following the shop for a while, you know that I've tried many different platforms and ideas for taking orders and organizing my project schedule. I haven't yet found the one which strikes the proper balance between predictable delivery dates, and my commitment to continual development cycles. I'm still working on it, but for now, send me a message using the form below if you'd like to discuss having a horn made for you.

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Prices are not listed on the website. If you'd like to know the price of a new horn, just ask!

I keep pricing formulas in house so that I can be leaner and more agile in responding to market considerations such as Euro fluctuations or increased shipping costs. I also use price to try to control the list size and keep the wait times as reasonable as possible for my committed clients.

I take my commitment to delivering every penny's worth of value in what I create very seriously.  The high prices for used horns of mine in the secondary markets (when they can be found) confirm that the value and trust in horns with my name on them is solid.

The deposit to hold a spot on the list is $1000. The deposit is non-refundable. Please make sure that you feel comfortable with my build procedures and my wait and price systems before you place a deposit.


Wait times

I acknowledge that I am a slower horn maker than most. I don't apologize for that, I make a larger percentage of my own parts and tools than any other small maker currently working. I am also more trained, more skilled, and more committed to my own artistic development. That takes time and dedication far beyond what others have been willing to invest. When you order a horn from me, you can expect the the construction to be done patiently and skillfully, the details to be right, and the horn to look amazing.

Current wait times are currently one year!


I build a Bb/F double horn in the Geyer configuration. I love this wrap because of it's visual elegance and the opportunity to use long solder joints on parallel branch tubes. Many American Geyer style horns share the same specifications, but I'll list them here anyway:

  • .468 bore
  • Meinlschmidt 25mm valve section (solid nickel silver usually, I love that look)
  • Bernd Sandner medium throat tail (no. 84 mandrel) and flare (number 2) detached
  • Low nickel alloy slide tubes and trim (a special alloy available only from the mill)
  • Yellow brass (70/30) CDA260 branch and tapered tubing

This barely begins to scratch the surface of what goes into a horn of mine, but players often find it useful to have a set of specs for comparison purposes. I always recommend caution however when comparing horns using specs, it's easy to mistake correlation for causation. If you attribute a characteristic that you don't like to a specification, rather than to a horn or a maker, you may overlook your perfect horn later which incorporates that specification more appropriately.

These are not specifications, but some features that I usually add to horns:

  • Hand turned brace work for all structural bracing
  • Two Amado style water keys on lead pipe and long F branch
  • Tight tolerance, precision parallel slides
  • Leather hand guard over the bell cap from Leather Specialties Co.
  • Adjustable pinky and available flipper

Custom options

Since I am in control of so much of the final horn, most things are possible, I am happy to discuss custom options with every client. I want you to be as involved as you want to be.

In my very early days, I believed that my value was in building a horn to a client's exact specifications. As I matured as a craftsman, I came to understand that in fact, this was an abdication of the responsibility for having good ideas and guiding players to horns and techniques they didn't even know they would love! I enjoy collaborating with players to perfectly fit my style with yours, but be prepared for me to challenge your understanding of horn construction and ask for a little bit of your trust and flexibility. I promise to have the same flexibility with creating a horn which fits your needs, together we can do something special!


Shipping is free for the lower 49 US states. International shipping is calculated on a case by case basis. I will send the horn well packed via USPS with $10,000 of insurance provided (the max available to me). If you are risk averse and would like the whole horn covered, you should speak to your insurance broker ahead of time and discuss options to cover any gap.


For clients who join the list after Jan 2016, a black Marcus Bonna MB-3 case will be provided.


While every horn is intended to be perfect out of the box, I recognize that there is no accounting for taste. I make every effort to deliver perfection and stand by that assertion by making all initial adjustments free of charge. The shipping box which the horn arrives in is intuitive and reusable making it very easy to send the horn to me for any adjustments, or later repairs. Keep in mind, however, that insurance charges (if desired) to send the horn back and forth are your responsibility.