I try hard to keep wait times to under two years, however the wait times fluctuate based on how many folks are on the list. While I acknowledge that I am a slower horn maker than most, I don't apologize for it. I make more of my own parts and tools than any other single maker currently working. I put a lot of time not just into building great horns, but also in refining my process and technologies. When you order a horn from me, you can expect the construction to be done patiently and skillfully, the details to be right, and the horn to look amazing.


The price of a new Medlin horn is $14,900. A Medlin edition MB-3 case is included.

Three month free adjustment period

For three months, anything that's not perfect I will fix at no charge. Simply email me, ship me the horn, and I'll take care of the rest! It's my way of making the risk of buying a custom horn no risk at all. After the initial 3 month period I am still always happy to work on the horn, but will charge the general shop rate.

Custom horn return policy

Custom horns are not returnable. If you are unhappy with your horn for any reason, I invite you to take full advantage of the three month free adjustment period. I won't rest until the horn is perfect! 

Deposit return

The $1,000 deposit is non-refundable.

Shipping procedures

I will ship the horn to the lower 49 US States for free via USPS and will provide $10,000 of shipping insurance.

Insurance considerations

Horns in the shop are not covered by my business insurance in the event of fire, flood, or catastrophic building damage.

NC sales tax

A 7% sales tax must be collected from clients living in NC. If out of state, it is your responsibility to file any tax forms based on your state's tax code.

additional questions?

Use the contact form or write me at jacobATmedlinhorns.com.