Fine players deserve fine horns. 


The best players sound great on any horn. But just imagine what is possible when you find a horn that shares your voice and allows you to focus on the music. 

This horn makes me play my best! Finally, I am not struggling with an instrument to get what I want. So much more musically comes through the horn and not lost in fighting with the horn. It takes less energy now to make more music.
— Andrew McAfee, Principal Horn- North Carolina Symphony (1992-2007)
The Medlin horn has become my instrument of first choice. It meets all my performance demands, it is VERY WELL BUILT, and it even makes horn playing fun again.
— John Cox, Principal Horn- Oregon Symphony

Ready to see what a high quality horn by an American craftsman can do for you?

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If you would like to begin to build a relationship with the vision and philosophies that go into each Medlin Horn, please enjoy these short videos cataloging the various tasks and happenings around the shop. You will see the deep commitment to hand craft and over time get a sense of what motivates and drives the development of new ideas and techniques.