My Promise

I'll only work with the best materials. If I can't find it, I'll make it. I'll probably make it anyway just to be sure. You'll get honesty and transparency when doing business with me. All my work is guaranteed. I am a fully trained, highly skilled craftsman and will put my whole effort into a horn that will delight and amaze you!


I started with a single question, "Why are horns getting worse?". Retailers and manufacturers tell us that new technologies are making better horns, but any player can tell you that this is not true. If the horn really is just about specifications and mathematical tapers, why are companies with millions of dollars in machinery and skilled engineers not able to produce elite quality horns?

I saw a glimpse of the answer studying natural horn designs and build methods during a three year apprenticeship under Rick Seraphinoff. Starting from that foundation in handcraft, I broke apart the design and process behind modern horns and began to ask honest questions about each part and each technique. Some techniques, I decided, were absolutely essential to be done by hand. For others, I designed processes, tools, and fixtures to add speed and consistency.

The result is a horn which is built using best qualities of traditional handcraft while leveraging the most useful parts of the modern makers movement. I work tireless to perfect and improve my craft so that you can improve and enjoy yours!

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