what can i do for you?

I offer clients a comprehensive set of skills in horn fabrication and design. Using small scale CNC and specialized CAD, I build horns with tools and techniques that previously were exclusive to much larger companies. With an eye for detail and an elite set of hand skills, I can exceed what even the most advanced companies can produce. By hybridizing the best techniques from old school crafters with new technology from a budding makers movement, I aim to modernize small scale hand horncraft and make sure it survives another generation. 

As a young horn player, my development was constantly hobbled by an intense desire for perfection and detail. A product of a family of artists, musicians, crafts men and women, but also engineers, my desire to be both artistically creative and meticulously technical was often at odds.

While this was a hurdle for my horn playing, it was a wonderful combination for horn making. In 2008, I began formal studies with the great natural horn builder Rick Seraphinoff. Over three intense years, he helped channel my highly technical tendencies into precision craft work while allowing me to explore my creative side in metal working and finishing.

I have degrees in horn performance from the University of North Carolina and Indiana University. A Carolina native, I moved back in 2012 after a spell in the Midwest and a brief stop in Canada. In 2016, I gave up a robust freelance career playing with the North Carolina Theatre, NC Opera, NC Symphony, and DPAC among others, to refocus on horn making full time. My shop is in Greensboro NC where I live with my wife Jen, our daughter Michaela and a few (just a few… ok, five) cats.